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The 82nd API China :


010 - 84556692

Mr. Evan Wang

15th Floor, Block B, Ping An International Financial Center, 1-3 Xin Yuan Nan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R.China


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 The online matching system of API China, only complimentary within 100 quality buyers before Oct.11!



Making business meetings is the reason to attend API China and we recognize the value and importance of having relevant meetings.

You will greatly benefit from business matching if you want to network and:

  • Find exhibitors to offer your interested products
  • Forge lucrative partnerships and collaborations for business
  • Broaden your personal network to advance your career

Pre-schedule meetings with other exhibitors to meet during API China- it’s easy!

Business matching will be done through an easy-to-use technology platform, combined with a personalized service to help maximize your networking opportunities.


How does this platform work?

  • Register before Oct. 11 2018
  • Receive an invitation email with a personalized link
  • Click the link to log in the platform
  • Review profiles and schedule meetings with exhibitors

If someone hopes to pre-schedule meeting with you, you will receive email notification and you can log-in the platform to review profile and accept meeting request.


Yes, it is that simple!

If you have any questions, please click this video: 




Reedsinpharm Exhibitions respects your privacy. All of your personal contact information will be kept confidential. Rest assured that no contact information will be shared via the business matching platform. Happy doing business!  


Wish you fruitful business matching meetings at API China!

Further question, please contact:

Mr. Zen Tan
Tel: +86-10-8455 6693