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The 82nd API China :


010 - 84556693

Mr. Zen Tan

15th Floor, Block B, Ping An International Financial Center, 1-3 Xin Yuan Nan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R.China


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The 81st API China & The 22nd CHINA-PHARM


Conference Time Key words Attendees
Global Pharmaceutical& Chemical Industry Summit October 18 (Full day) Pharma Ingredients & Chemicals manufactures Oversea finish drug companies
ChemPharm Annual Summit 2018 & China Top Pharmaceutical Brands Launch October 16 (Full day) Brand pharmaceutical enterprises, leader meeting 500 guests, all of whom are vice presidents or higher executive management from CPIA member companies
2018 ISPE-CCFDIE China Conference October 16 (Full day) Highly focused policies, pharmaceutical engineering technologies, on-site inspection, GMP, GCP 800 guests, all of whom are principals of engineering and machinery from China’s leading pharmaceutical enterprises, drug control system authorities, GMP inspectors, etc.
The 31st API China Market Information Press Conference October 17 (Full day) Pharmaceutical industry trend analysis, industry data distribution Senior managers and investors from pharmaceutical, API, excipient, packaging, equipment, CRO, CMO enterprises
Innovation Forum for Veterinary Drugs and Functional Feed Additives October 17 (Full day) Production and R&D on veterinary drugs and functional feed additives R&D technicians from functional feed additives, veterinary drugs and animal welfare enterprises
APICHINA Seminar on Consistency Evaluation of Generic Drug’s Quality and Efficacy and Review System --- Seminar on the key re-evaluation technologies for injection and relevant regulations October 17 (Full day) Re-evaluation of injection, various inspection for injection and its scale up production Project managers from injection R&D, QA, QC and consistency evaluation sectors
APICHINA Seminar on Consistency Evaluation of Generic Drug’s Quality and Efficacy and Review System --- Seminar on the Consistency Evaluation of Oral Solid Dosage Technologies and Relevant Regulations October 17 (Full day) Oral solid dosage approval cases, production scale-up, BE testing Project managers from oral dosage R&D, QA, QC and consistency evaluation sectors
 The 5th China Vitamin Day October 17 (Full day) Vitamin export statistics, interpretation of global vitamin market Vitamin manufacturers from home and abroad, representatives from vitamin purchase enterprises, large & medium food and additives enterprises, Chinese import & export merchants, investment institutions, etc.
China Pharmaceutical Excipients Forum 2018 October 18 (Full day) Excipient GMP, IPCE-PQG GMP, ICH's consideration on excipient Pharmaceutical R&D, QA, QC
Symposium on Smart Cleaning & Production
---Application of Continuous Flow Technology
October 17 (Afternoon) Energy efficiency, clean production Principals from pharmaceutical enterprises' R&D, production and technical departments 
China Pharmaceutical Excipients Forum 2018 October 18 (Full day) Automation, informationization, intelligent manufacturing Principals of smart pharmaceutical production and automation department in 200 outstanding pharmaceutical enterprises as well as decision-makers 
China Biopharmaceutical Industry Conference 2018 --- Seminar on the Key Pharmaceutical Technologies for Producing Protein, Polypeptides and Anti-body Drug October 18 (Full day) Biopharm R&D, technical, product scale-up, clinical testing, apply for listing, investment and financing Supervisors from the departments of R&D, production, engineering and machinery of 200 CBPIA member companies
The 10th China Green Pharma Forum October 17--October 18 (Full day) Green Pharma, energy saving and environment protection Principals from environment protection department of over 200 large pharmaceutical enterprises
The 11th New Drug R&D Group Academic Salon on Medical Information October 18 (Full day) Medicine R&D, BD, group meeting Professionals from pharmaceutical enterprises' BD, R&D, drug registration departments; principals from CRO enterprise; investors
China's Clean Pharm Forum 2018 October 18 (Full day) Clean room engineering design, automatic cleaning device and standardized management of staff, waste treatment, recycle, environment monitoring Principals from pharmaceutical enterprises' engineering department and GMP
Emerging Raw Materials & Innovative Technologies Forum 2018 October 18 (Full day) Emerging raw materials, functional food raw materials BD, R&D, porduction and drug registration professionals of pharmaceutical enterprises
Review System and Registration System for API, Excipient, Packaging Materials and Drugs October 18 (Full day) Review system and registration system for API, excipient, packaging materials and drugs QC, QA, RA, supple chain management, executive management, R&D personnel
Drug Safety and Quality Control Summit 2018 October 18 (Full day) Drug safety, production scale-up, QA, QC Principals from pharmaceutical enterprises' QC and GMP
Seminar on New Drug's R&D and Opportunites & Challenges in Pharmaceutical Industry Arising from the Implementation of MAH October 18 (Full day) Investment in new drug technology, technical transfer for MAH products, medical project investment, new drug registration and review Professionals from BD, R&D, drug registration departments in pharmaceutcial enterprises; principals of CRO enterprises; medicine R&D institutes, investors